Dubuque Chorale


Subscribing to the calendars

If you use an electronic calendar (Microsoft Outlook, the calendar on your mobile device, etc.), you can subscribe to one or more Chorale calendars. Chorale events will appear on your calendar and update automatically.

To add a subscription to the default calendar application on a particular computer or device, browse to this web page on that computer or device, and click one of these links:

  • Chorale (Chorale rehearsals and concerts).
  • Cadenza (Cadenza rehearsals and special appearances).
  • Children’s Choir (Children’s Choir rehearsals and non-Chorale concerts).
  • Leadership (Board and committee meetings).

Or, inside your calendar application find the feature to subscribe to online calendars. This may be called “adding a shared calendar” or “adding an internet calendar.” When prompted for the calendar address or URL, copy one of these links and paste it into the application: