Dubuque Chorale

Dubuque Chorale Vision for 2019

Our mission remains – To engage, educate, enrich, and inspire the community by presenting diverse choral music with artistic excellence.

Our community of voices – The life and vitality of the Dubuque Chorale has grown to a dedicated core of 100+ singers, and the Children’s Choir to 50+. Inclusive of a wide range of musical abilities and experience, the organization nurtures and cares for its members so that it continues to be a welcoming and dynamic ensemble.

Our audience – The profile of our audience reflects the demographic of the greater Dubuque community. Attendance has increased by 20% from 2016 through engagement with schools, churches, and fine arts organizations.

Our artistry – The promotion of artistry continues to be at the heart of our mission. The Chorale is committed to exploring works from all choral genres and time periods in order to enrich ourselves as artists, and increase the community’s access to great literature. Students in grades 2 and 3 experience choral singing with the addition of a second Children’s Choir by 2021.

Our commitment to education – Education is central to the Chorale’s mission for both singers and the audience, regardless of age. All singers are exposed to the concepts of artistry and vocal pedagogy. Singers and audiences are enlightened with music history and the repertoire’s social context.

Our board of directors – The board has become an executive body that focuses on the long-term goals, objectives, financial sustainability, and future of the organization. Primarily composed of Chorale members, it also includes non-singing community members. It reviews its structure regularly.

Our leadership and staff – The management of the organization remains the same, including the Artistic Director, Assistant Director, Children’s Choir Director(s), accompanists, and Operations Coordinator. The staff also includes the addition of a paid Development Coordinator to focus on fundraising.

Our facilities – Based in Dubuque, the Chorale maintains its office space, and has appropriate storage space for equipment and music. Other equipment has been acquired as needed through grants and donations.

Our funding and financial partnerships – The Chorale has established strong relationships with local corporations to sustain significant annual gifts. Membership dues and tuition continue to demonstrate the commitment of each Chorale and Children’s Choir member. One hundred percent of the board members are financially invested. The endowment fund continues to be promoted. The new Development Coordinator has opened new avenues for funding.

Vision 2019

Our vision summary charts our direction for the next three years.